Workato's Premier Marketing Technology Partner

We help customers handle complex MarTech interactions quickly without IT, connect new Marketing Technologies, and orchestrate complex workflow between multiple apps.

Hoosh Technology, a Workato Partner, is passionate about giving our customers innovated services to integrate their apps and meet their needs.


Our integrations projects are driven by marketing technologists, which means we understand your marketing strategy and translate those requirements into technical specifications.


Connecting your platform to other systems is our specialty. Hoosh Technology is a Workato partner and our staff have created dozens of Workato integrations with the most varied platforms you can imagine. From large bespoke CRMs to common Saas offerings, Ecommerce platforms and niche legacy systems.


We use cutting-edge, enterprise-grade technology to integrate your systems. This means we can do integrations faster, better and more cost effectively. It also means future integration work is far easier to perform.

Hoosh Technology Expertise

Integrating business applications involves much more than simply connecting one system to another. With extensive experience in the technology industry and B2C, Hoosh understands customers’ business models, processes and requirements and tailor integrations to their needs with Workato, the experts in cloud computing, security, and privacy.

MarTech & Digital Marketing Consultancy

Our team of digital marketing and platform SMEs can definitely help you address those analytical inquiries to help you determine your marketing objectives, optimize your operations and guarantee a suitable innovation mix and utilization. Together, we can ensure that your marketing exercises remain on track to attain your KPIs and achieve significant outcomes.

Technical Integrations

Our team is ready and waiting to make your goals achievable, whether it’s integrating with a marketing platform or building up a customised arrangement. By encountering a variety of verticals, we are able to identify the necessities of each and can foresee potential obstacles. With Hoosh, no information is ever abandoned.

Marketing Platform Executions

We certainly view ourselves as implementation specialists for having more than 500 platform integrations and migrations to date. Whether you are graduating to a stronger platform to address your developing company’s needs or have chosen to utilize new functionalities within your current marketing software. We are aware of potential questions and the procedures to take, to support your marketing technology choices.

Implementation Training

For you to be sure that your money is well spent on your marketing platform implementation, Hoosh can create a custom training program which is outlined and innovated to take your clients to a higher level. Regardless if it’s an advancement, campaign execution, reporting, or a basic platform refresher, we would be highly honoured to enable you to get more out of your platform venture.

Digital Platform Consultancy

With Hoosh, you have a guide available on how to go through the vague enterprise marketing platform. Through meetings and discovery sessions with key partners, we will make suggestions on which advanced digital platform and implementation approach will best suit your business needs.

Customer Lifecycle

We want to know how you characterize your clients. Is it a list or are they arranged as personas? Segments or marketed to One on One? Allow our information masters to survey, approve, create, and outline your lifecycle marketing methodologies and corresponding automation. Your clients will have a better association with your brand, thus, resulting to a maximum potential of your marketing platform.

Powered by Workato

Workato is the leading enterprise platform used to integrate and automate your tasks across different systems. It connects hundreds of applications, from CRM to marketing, finance, and HR.

Hoosh uses Workato Technology to develop cutting-edge customised integrations, which are easy to use and help marketers create better and smarter solutions.

Main Integrations